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Panther Lending’s Pre-Labor Day Webinar on Credit Card Debt Consolidation Attracts Over 5,000 Viewers

Panther Lending’s Pre-Labor Day Webinar on Credit Card Debt Consolidation Attracts Over 5,000 Viewers

Panther Lending’s Highly Successful Pre-Labor Day Webinar Makes Waves in Financial Education

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Panther Lending, a leading name in the financial services sector, recently celebrated the success of its pre-Labor Day webinar, which focused on providing a comprehensive guide to credit card debt consolidation. The event attracted an impressive turnout of over 5,000 viewers, clearly indicating the growing interest and urgent need for such financial guidance. “The webinar was aimed at educating the public on various strategies for managing and reducing credit card debt, and given the high attendance and positive feedback, it seems to have struck a chord with its audience,” said Ignacio Herrera, Panther Lending debt consolidation specialist.

The webinar covered a wide range of topics, from balance transfers and personal loans to home equity lines of credit, offering a holistic view of Panther Lending’s debt consolidation options. Financial experts, credit counselors, and debt management professionals all lent their expertise to the event, providing attendees with actionable advice tailored to different financial situations. With credit card debt reaching alarming levels for many households, especially amid the ongoing economic challenges, the timing of this webinar couldn’t have been better. Panther Lending successfully empowered thousands of individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their spiraling debts.

The success of this pre-Labor Day webinar fits well into Panther Lending’s crusade against personal loan scams and its larger commitment to helping the public education on financial matters. The high attendance for this particular event underscores the urgency with which people are seeking guidance on credit card debt.

The Key Takeaways of the webinar were:

1. How to Choose the Right Debt Consolidation Strategy
2. Evaluate Loan Terms and Interest Rates: Compare your options thoroughly.
3. Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis: Factor in fees, interest rates, and term duration to choose the best strategy.
4. Read the terms carefully to avoid surprises in interest rate hikes.
5. Teaser rates may apply, leading to a rate hike after an introductory period. 9
6. Be cautious of services that promise debt settlement or advertise overly appealing debt consolidation offers. Always read the terms and consult trusted financial advisors.

About Panther Lending

Based in Bloomfield Hills, MI, Panther Lending is here to help clients find fast funding for debt consolidation loans — a smart way to get out from under credit card debt with sky-high interest rates. Panther Lending reviews the slippery slope of juggling multiple payments and due dates can be overwhelming and put someone on a treadmill where the balances never seem to go down. Panther Lending’s experienced consultants will walk you through best options. One monthly payment, one fixed rate, one smart solution.

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